SonicWall ATP Sandbox Live Demo

SonicWall Live Demo

Capture ATP Sandbox
See how it's possible to combat evasive and advanced threats with SonicWall Capture ATP
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Increase security effectiveness, automate remediation and lower TCO SonicWall Capture, a cloud based service available with SonicWall firewalls, revolutionizes advanced threat detection and sandboxing with a multi-engine approach to stopping unknown and zero-day attacks at the gateway, and with automated remediation. Customers benefit from high security effectiveness, fast response times and reduced total cost of ownership. Multi-engine advanced threat analysis SonicWall Capture extends firewall threat protection to detect and prevent zero-day attacks. The firewall inspects traffic and detects and blocks known malware and intrusions. Suspicious files are sent to the SonicWall Capture cloud service for analysis. The multi-engine sandbox platform includes virtualized sandboxing, full system emulation, and hypervisor-level analysis technology. It executes suspicious code and analyzes behavior, thus providing comprehensive visibility to malicious activity, while resisting evasion tactics and maximizing zero-day threat detection. Avanced Threat Prevention ATP & Advanced Persistance Threat APT Sandbox